Compliance Works

At Giffen, we have fully trained teams of staff who can rapidly deliver all associated compliance works required that have been identified from a Special Inspection Notice (SIN) 119 Survey and can carry out the survey works as required.

These works include system earthing, equipotential bonding, installation of earth rods and associated cabling, installing covers on exposed terminals and renewing assets, as and when required, to achieve compliance and remove risks of electrocution to both the general public and staff working on or near to the assets.

Giffen has the competency and capability to install and commission remote condition monitoring on various railway assets including points, track circuits, signalling power supplies and point heating .

The team comprises industry experts in the installation and commissioning of Wheelchex hot axle box detectors and pan checks equipment of many various types. Voltage and current load monitoring can be carried out on various differing power supplies.

Other Special Inspection Notice works, such as SIN 122 (inspection of Siemens 8DA switchgear for partial discharge), can be carried out by Giffen’s highly-trained team and any remedial or renewals work can be quickly delivered.